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What’s in the box? How to create your custom fit.

by George Pierce on July 16, 2019

When you order a pair of Pierce Footwear shoes, you will receive all the tools you need for a perfect fit. 

Each pair of Pierce Footwear shoes comes with extra SpeedLatches. The black SpeedLatches are the stiffest, and the best option for high intensity training. The colored SpeedLatches are identical in stiffness and can be used for lower impact activities such as walking. 

Hook the last rung of the SpeedLatch into the clip at the top of the shoe so that the tab is pointing down to the floor. Step into your shoe, and pull the SpeedLatch across and downwards so that a rung falls into place on the clip below your ankle. You should not need to pull tightly.

You will also receive a pair of shims inside your box. These are used like insoles and can be used for half-sizing. If you are experiencing too much wiggle room in your shoes, slide in the shim and it will take up just enough space.

Pierce™ Footwear shoes will wrap around the contours of your foot, so if you have hammer toes, bunions, or any other foot issues, the shoe will naturally accommodate them. Custom orthotics will also fit n the shoe.

Check out our Sizing page for more details. Contact us and we will help you find your perfect fit!