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Our Tech

3D Performance Shoe Fitting




Best Running Shoes technology 

3D Performance Shoe Fitting

Pierce Footwear is designed to wrap the foot and fit like a sock with no stitches to create blisters on your tender feet.

Now you can get FITTED quickly in 3D with custom instep height adjustments based on the VOLUME of your feet bone structures.

We wrap your navicular, cuneiform, cuboid and calcaneous bones with care. Now you and your feet can breathe easier.

With an upward pivoting motion, the shoe circumference opens quickly to allow a direct step-in.

Unlatch and pull your feet out without having to step on the shoe heel counter.

What this all means is COMFORT=BETTER PERFORMANCE.


performance shoes

One Badass, Legal Outsole

Vertical rubber stabilizer for helping you climb and corner in wet, slippery conditions.

Not surprising is that this outsole has SNAP and ENERGY RETURN. Just enough toe off and heel rubber to do their jobs for sprints and heel striking.

The foam midsole allows total weight to drop dramatically. We aren’t zero drop, nor are we oversized stack height because we want you to feel the surface for better balance with some protection.

Our shoes are designed with 7Even mm drop. That is our number. Enough said.